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Registration Levels

The AISCB offers two levels of Board Registration recognizing a wide range of experience and training. The levels are intended to help interventionists plan for their professional growth and may be helpful to employers with regard to hiring, promotion and personnel planning. Registration in a level indicates the interventionist has met the minimum standards for that level. The two levels of registration are:
Board Registered Interventionist 1 (BRI I)

Board Registered Interventionist 2 (BRI II)

After initial registration as a BRI I, the interventionist may transition to BRI II level upon meeting the requirements for that registration level.

Registration Time Period

The AISCB registration encompasses two calendar years starting on the date of successful completion of the registration process. Two dates (date of issue and expiration) will appear on the board registration along with a number.

How to Apply

Registration will be granted contingent upon documentation of eligibility, submission of all required application material and payment of all fees. The following outlines the application, review and approval process:
Read the entire Model thoroughly. (Model and Application available for download here)

Complete all parts of the application. Print legibly or type the application. Be sure to include all required attachments.

Attach all required documentation to support employment and training/education (i.e., current job description, official transcripts, copies of training certificates, letters of attendance/participation).

Attach an "original copy" of a letter from your licensure or certification board verifying your license and/or certification are current and in good standing.

If a current job description is submitted, it must be on agency letterhead, dated and signed by the applicant and supervisor, and must reflect actual job duties and responsibilities performed by the applicant.

Sign the Code of Ethics for Board Registered Interventionists and have the signature notarized.

Verify the completeness of the application by using the "Checklist" in the model.

When the application is complete, mail all materials to the AISCB C/O ICB, 401 E. Sangamon Avenue, Springfield, IL 62702. Applications will not be accepted by fax or e-mail.

Once the application is approved, the applicant will be notified.

Upon approval, the applicant will be notified and invoiced for the registration fee.

Once the payment is received, the board registration will be issued to the member.

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